Update: Patio Garden

You win some and you lose some. An appropriate line for this post, as you will soon find out. It has been about two weeks since I posted about my tiny patio garden, and I know you all are DYING for an update. Well, I think I’ll just let these pictures speak for themselves.

Peppers and basil are looking great!

The pepper and basil plants are growing rapidly, and seem to like their situation. Unlike the tomato plant below, which has developed white spots all over the lower leaves, which I think are mildew? Whatever it is, I don’t think there will be many tomatoes in my future, at least from this plant. I thought I did everything in my ability to make sure it received as much sunlight, fertilizer and water as I could supply. If anyone knows what is going on, I beg of you to post in the comments. HELP!

What is that white stuff on my tomato plant?! :O

Here is the saddest part of this update. Remember that beautiful purple flowering plant?

It got the plague.

Half of it bit the dust one day, deciding it was time to move on. I’m currently devastated about this, because as you guys know, it was my favorite. Also, I think the second half of the plant is starting to die off too. Who knew a few potted plants would be so difficult to keep alive?? The plant was treated to the same amount of water, plant food, and sun light.

Oh the sun!

Have you heard of “May Gray” and “June Gloom” before? Well, I heard about June gloom which makes the southern California coast’s sky dark and dreary for most of June, but I did not know about May. Basically, only shade loving plants will survive here in May and June. Next year, I will grow more shade-loving plants during these months.

My green thumb at work – HA!

Well, we live and learn from our mistakes, right? If you have any idea what might have  been going on with my plants, please feel free to diagnose the problem in the comments, or supply some tips for me.

Until next time, may your garden be greener than mine!

Patio Garden

Hi there! As you can tell, this post has a REALLY original title. 😉 Anyway, I thought I’d share with you a new endeavor of mine: a herb and vegetable patio garden! Since summer is coming up, and I love adding fresh ingredients to the food I make, this is the perfect time to start gardening. Or so I think. Only time will only tell if I have what it takes to make a patio garden thrive. . . Maybe you all should start taking bets on how this will turn out, because I’m fairly certain the odds are pretty good for those who think it might not turn out.

Here is a little introduction to my little patio garden:

First up, is the (not so) mighty patio tomato plant!

patio tomato.png


Next up, (left to right) is a jalapeno pepper, basil, and sweet red bell pepper plant.



Oh, and I have this random flower plant, that I thought looked pretty, and it promised on the label to attract butterflies. So far, that hasn’t worked out.

flower pot

Alright, now that we have established the current state of my patio garden, I’ll be sure to give you regular updates. You know, because you really like plants (or you just want to see if I’ll kill them in two weeks). And who isn’t interested in that?

Happy planting, friends!