3 Easy Traditional Christmas Cookie Recipes

Attending a cookie exchange? Hosting a holiday party? Need a little something for the neighbors? This time of year, Christmas cookies are a necessity. So, I have ranked on a scale of easy to slightly more difficult - three of my favorite traditional Christmas Cookie recipes.


Traditional Family Recipes Part Three – Sweet Bread Rolls

Only SEVEN days until Thanksgiving! Are you ready?? Well, if you aren't, I've got a few great recipes coming up just for you. Or, if you realized that your Thanksgiving dinner plans are a little over-ambitious, I've also got your back with a few recipes that are simple, time-tested, and crowd approved.

Traditional Family Recipes Part Two – Kuchen

Growing up,  I always looked forward to visiting my grandparents on my dad’s side the Friday after Thanksgiving. We would play two hand touch football with all the cousins, enjoy a heartwarming time sharing our blessings, and of course, lots of Thanksgiving food.


Traditional Family Recipes Part One – Pierogi!

Some of my fondest memories of comfort food revolves around when I would visit Nanny, who was my great-grandmother. She was 100% Polish, so there was always plenty of hearty, warm food around. When I think of her, I remember the huge volcano of mashed potatoes with TONS of butter, creamy beef stroganoff, and pierogis.


Review: Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Flavored Products

If you read last Friday's blog, you probably are realizing a theme. PUMPKIN. Since the last post was all about homemade recipes, which you can find here, I thought it would be great to give you a run down on my favorite pumpkin flavored products from Trader Joe's.


Dyeing to Make Easter Eggs

An Easter celebration is not complete without beautifully colored eggs. They are easy to make, and the process is rather fun! I enjoy having a few around during Easter, they are great decorations and look so much better than the plastic ones.