5 Tips for the Beginner Hiker: Safe Summer Hiking

Make no mistake, it is very unsafe to hike in the full sun, in almost 90 degree weather without the proper amount of water. Our group had the proper amount, and we all ran out of water at the end of the hike, even though we packed more than we thought we would need. This got me thinking, if beginners don't respect the dangers of hiking in such heat, maybe I should write a few quick tips on what you should do if you go hiking in the summer to get that cool Instagram picture. I know it seems like common sense to a lot of us, but it's important for those going on their first high intensity hike to respect nature and protect yourself so you can stay healthy.


What does it mean to be successful?

The creative process involves a lot of reading for me. Reading books, online articles, blogs and listening to Podcasts. Lately, I've been seeing many Facebook friends post articles that have titles such as, "13 Things Successful People Don't Do" or, "10 Things to Start Doing to Become Successful". Finally, my curiosity got the most of me, and I read a few of these articles.

Caramelized Pork Loin Steaks

Around Easter every year, I get a hankering for some BBQ. Something about the longer days and the temperature warming up, is the perfect recipe for some major cravings for ANYTHING GRILLED. However, if you don't have access to a BBQ/grill (like me), or the weather won't corporate with your food cravings - I have the perfect solution. It's my caramelized pork steak recipe!